The Coalition for Healthy School Food is a growing network of over 180 non-profit member organizations from every province and territory. We are advocating for public investment in and federal standards for a universal cost-shared school food program that would see all children having daily access to healthy food at school. Building on existing programs across the country, all schools will eventually serve a healthy meal or snack at little or no cost to students. These programs will include food education and serve culturally appropriate, local, sustainable food to the fullest extent possible. See our guiding principles for what our ideal school food program looks like.

Our vision is a Canada in which every school-aged child and youth has a healthy meal or snack at school daily.

Our mission is to work with partners across Canada to: 

  • advocate for a universal cost-shared healthy Canada-wide school food program; 

  • strengthen commitments from provinces and territories, local governments and school communities; and 

  • support replication, networking and sharing of best practices for the thousands of diverse school food programs and models across Canada.


In addition to our member organizations, the Coalition’s vision is endorsed by government agencies and other organizations. The Coalition is hosted by Food Secure Canada.

Canada is one of the only industrialized countries without a federally supported school food program and was recently ranked 37th of 41 countries around providing healthy food for kids. A universal healthy school food program would support the health, wellbeing and education of all children in Canada.

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