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The Coalition represents a broad and deep network within civil society. We can:

  • Recommend program vision statements and objectives to the federal government as they develop a National School Food Policy

  • Share program implementation experiences and options

  • Help to design and refine successful school food delivery models and lend direct support to program implementation 

  • Bring up challenges and pitfalls relating to potential approaches

  • Build support among provincial and territorial governments

  • Build connections between school communities, key stakeholders, and decision makers locally, across Canada and internationally

  • Provide evidence and support research

  • Raise the profile of school food among a wide range of audiences including the general public 

  • Mobilize broad community support


Our active chapters of members across the country are in conversations with their provincial governments to build support for federal / provincial / territorial collaboration. 

We are ready to work with governments and bring together multiple jurisdictions to help develop the best possible Canada-wide school food program.

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