Momentum is building across Canada and in Prince Edward Island for a national school food program!

PEI Action

The Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation is actively involved in promoting school food in PEI and are members of the national Coalition for Healthy School Food, a group of organizations seeking federal investment in a Universal Healthy School Food Program to support the health, well-being and education of all Canadian children. Some national organizations also work on school food in PEI.


In PEI, a few school districts report having a school meal program in at least one school, but not all schools have programs.  


These programs are organized at the school or school district scale and largely rely on parents, charitable foundations and others in the school community to develop and fund. This patchwork of programming does not meet the needs of all students for access to healthy, nutritious food. We need the development of national standards, as well as significant investment from federal, provincial and municipal governments (to supplement the contributions of school communities, businesses and volunteers) and collaboration between stakeholder groups to create a universal program for all children and youth from K to 12.


Together, we can help secure a brighter future for our children through a universal  healthy school food program. 

For more information, contact Smedley Jay, Executive Director, Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation,, 902-620-3186  


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