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Momentum is building across Canada and in Prince Edward Island for a national school food program!

In September 2020, PEI launched a provincial lunch program titled "PEI's Healthy School Food Program". This program is accessible to all students across PEI through one of three food service delivery models. The program ensures that all students have access to a healthy, affordable lunch option, five days a week, which includes local food whenever possible. The program offers equitable access to families, by offering a "Pay What You Can" payment model. The program also offers food literacy opportunities whenever possible. Operations of this program will transition to a newly incorporated non-profit organization, which will resume food service in PEI schools in September 2021.

The Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation is actively involved in promoting healthy school food in PEI and is a member of the national Coalition for Healthy School Food, a group of organizations seeking federal investment in a Universal Healthy School Food Program to support the health, well-being and education of all Canadian children. Some national organizations also work on school food in PEI.


Together, we can help secure a brighter future for our children through a universal healthy school food program. 

For more information, contact Smedley Jay, Executive Director, Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation,, 902-620-3186


The PEI Home and School Federation is the umbrella organization of local "home and school" and "parent council" organizations in 55 schools across Prince Edward Island. We bring together parents, guardians, teachers, administrators and staff to promote the total well-being of children and the highest standards of education for each child in the province.

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