#Great big crunch

Thanks for crunching for healthy school food with us this year. Hold the date for March 9th, 2023 for our next one!

Credit: Rachel Cheng


1. Let us know you'll crunch

Help us keep track of all the crunches taking place this year.

We want to count your crunches towards the grand total, no matter when you do it or what you crunch.​

Invite your classroom or your whole school! You can ask colleagues, or friends and family to join your crunch! If an in person crunch is not possible, plan an online video call.


3. Crunch, crunch, crunch!

Crunch with your class, crunch at home, or organize a fun video call with your colleagues and crunch together. 

Watch the recording of our 2022 virtual, Canada-wide Great Big Crunch by clicking the button below. 

Do you have any feedback for the event or ideas for the next one? Share them with us using this evaluation form.


2. Prepare your crunch

When planning your Crunch, choose locally grown fruits or vegetables. To make sure you are planning the day safely, you can use our COVID procedures guide.

Our Activity toolkit provides fun, curriculum-linked lesson plans and activities to bring the Crunch to life for children of all ages at home or safely in the classroom. 

Don't forget to invite others to crunch with you using our Communication Toolkit!


4. Share your crunch

Share on social media! Take a photo of your Crunch and share on social media, which helps us make even more noise for healthy school food. Here’s a message you can copy and paste:

  • We took the #GreatBigCrunch to celebrate #HealthySchoolFood! 

  • Tag us on Facebook: @CHSF.CSAS, Twitter: @C4HSchoolFood, Instagram:@thegreatbigcrunch or Tiktok: @greatbigcrunch

the host of gbc 2022

Carolyn Webb, the host of this year's Great Big Crunch, is the Coordinator of Sustain Ontario’s Edible Education Network, a network that brings together groups in Ontario that are connecting children and youth with healthy food systems. The Network’s mission is to better enable these groups to share resources, ideas, and experience, work together on advocacy, and facilitate efforts across the province to get children and youth eating, growing, cooking, celebrating, and learning about healthy, local and sustainably produced food.


At the national level Carolyn supports the animation of the Coalition for Healthy School Food, assisting with facilitation, policy recommendations and communications, and also plays the role of Research & Knowledge Translation Lead with Farm to Cafeteria Canada.

Did you know?

In 2021, the Cities of Vancouver, Battleford and North Battleford proclaimed March 11 as the Great Big Crunch - Healthy School Food Day!

Read about the highlights of the Great Big Crunch last year in schools and classrooms across Canada.

View recording here

Crunches were heard in march 2021
the great big crunch in the news

school highlight

"We are a small school in Northwestern Ontario and had registered for the event. For logistical reasons, our classes 'crunched' at 9:00 AM on Friday, March 12th, 2021.
Every student received either an apple or pear. We did crafts using an apple, the life cycle, parts of a fruit, the history of the apple in Canada, and jobs involved 'from the field to the table'. We read stories about apples and vegetables, planted apple seeds, and made apple sauce 'from scratch'.
Junior Grades also made connections to the topics of food miles, local food, and food security."

Christel Kamm, Library of Lillian Berg Public School

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The Great Big Crunch at Lilian Berg Public School. Photo credit: Christel Kamm

THE GREAT BIG CRUNCH is a Canada-wide movement and annual moment of anti-silence in which students, teachers, parents and others passionate about food join the food movement and crunch into apples (or other crunchy fruit or vegetable) to make noise for healthy school food! Every year since 2008, Canadians from coast to coast have participated in the Great Big Crunch, an original initiative of FoodShare Toronto.

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