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We need dedicated funds for School Food

#Nourish Kids now
in #budget2024

Postcard /Letter Campaign


School food programs bring nutritious food into classrooms for students so they are ready to learn and succeed.


Building off the energy of the Great Big Crunch, we’re asking students and teachers to share why healthy food at school is important to you.


By participating, you will help decision makers know that we need to create and expand school food programs in Canada to make sure that all children and youth have access to healthy food at school! 

How to

federal budget 2024

Read the Coalition’s submission to the government of Canada;
it's time to include a Canada-wide School Food Program in #Budget2024

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed that school food is an essential public good, just like K-12 education and healthcare. Everyone needs access to good food to be healthy, particularly children and youth, and we need strong and resilient food systems to keep us safe.

Building on the Coalition’s advocacy for a Universal Cost-Shared Healthy School Food Program for Canada and the government’s commitment in Budget 2019, and political support across many parties in the recent election campaign including a commitment of $1 Billion in funding over five years from the Liberal Party, the Coalition for Healthy School Food was so pleased to see the inclusion of the development of a School Food Program for Canada in the mandate letters of the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Karina Gould (responsible for the implementation of social programs such as childcare), and Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marie-Claude Bibeau (responsible for the Food Policy for Canada). 

Tell your local Member of Parliament (MP) that you agree that school food is important and that you want them to push for Budget 2024 to include funding for a School Food Program for Canada.

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Coalition for Healthy School Food members have often been told by MPs that Budget 2019 included a commitment to school food because coalition members across Canada let the Finance Committee know we wanted action. Read more here about our 2018 deputations.

Summary of Coalition’s Pre-Budget 2024 Submission:


The Coalition for Healthy School Food recommends that the Government of Canada:

  1. Allocate $1 billion over five years in Budget 2024 to establish a National School Nutritious Meal Program as a key element of the evolving Food Policy for Canada, with $200 million per year to contribute to provinces, territories and First Nation, Métis and Inuit partners to fund their school food programs.

  2. Enter into immediate discussions with Indigenous leaders to negotiate agreements for the creation and/or enhancement of permanent independent distinctions-based First Nation, Métis and Inuit school meal programs. 

  3. Create a dedicated school food infrastructure fund to enhance food production and preparation equipment and facilities so they can reliably and efficiently serve healthy food in adequate volumes.

#NOURISH KIDS NOW is a grassroots campaign that is calling on the federal government to make a cost-shared investment in healthy, universal school food programs, which would build on the investments of our provinces, municipalities and communities.

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