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Credit: OCIC/Allan Lissner in partnership with Eel Ground First Nation and Canadian Feed The Children


federal pre-budget 2021 consultations

Read the Coalition’s submission to the government of Canada;

it's time to include a National School Food Program in #Budget2021

Covid-19 has demonstrated that school food programs are an essential service and that now is the time to design and launch a National School Food Program. 

Members, endorsers and supporters of the Coalition for Healthy School Food have sent hundreds of messages to the Finance Committee.

Read the Coalition's Pre-Budget 2021 Submission (PDF)

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Coalition for Healthy School Food members have often been told by MPs that Budget 2019 included a commitment to school food because coalition members across Canada let the Finance Committee know we wanted action. Read more here about our 2018 deputations.

Summary of Coalition’s Pre-Budget 2021 Submission:


The Coalition for Healthy School Food recommends that the Government of Canada: 1) Allocate $200 million towards a dedicated School Food Fund to support the health and wellbeing of children, families and communities, stimulate the Canadian economy and inform the government's development of a National School Food Program. 2) Allocate $360 million as the Year 1 investment in a cost-shared, universal National School Food Program with strong national standards to improve the health of our children, support families experiencing food insecurity, and reduce the $13.8 billion in costs of treatment and productivity losses due to nutrition-related chronic disease in Canada.

#NOURISH KIDS NOW is a grassroots campaign that is calling on the federal government to make a cost-shared investment in healthy, universal school food programs, which would build on the investments of our provinces, municipalities and communities.

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With thanks to Nourish Nova Scotia’s #SpeakUp4School Food for the inspiration of 1, 2, 3 and their postcard campaign

* Photo: Natoaganeg School has seen some great impacts on the students healthy food literacy and social cohesion with their universal school nutrition program supported by Coalition member Canadian Feed the Children.

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Reach out to your MP and ask for dedicated funds for school food to #NourishKidsNow.

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