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Momentum is building across Canada and in New brunswick for a national school food program!

In New Brunswick, several networks and organizations are actively involved in helping to support healthy school food programs and healthier school food environments. Many of these organizations are members of the national Coalition for Healthy School Food, a group of organizations seeking federal investment in a Universal Healthy School Food Program to support the health, well-being and education of all Canadian children. 


Many schools in the province offer meal programs, however, there is significant variability in how these programs are funded and delivered. This patchwork of programming does not allow for universal access to healthy, nutritious food. Collaboration and a significant investment are needed from federal, provincial and municipal governments to supplement the contributions of school communities, businesses, foundations and volunteers to create a universal program for all children and youth from K to 12.


​Work is underway to bring together school food stakeholders from diverse regions and sectors to engage in dialogue, share resources, and collaborate on collective advocacy, research and pilot projects. Together, we can help secure a brighter future for our children through the creation of a universal healthy school food program. 

Potential Impact of Healthy School Food:

●      Improved academic achievement

●      Healthier weights

●      Better mental health, behaviour and morale

●      Increase intake of healthy food

●      Decrease burden of chronic disease

●      Increased procurement of good, healthy, local food

For more information, contact Dr. Mary Mckenna, NB member of the Coalition for Healthy School Food Steering Committee, or Susanne White- Nourishing Minds NB,

Partners active in school food initiatives in New Brunswick currently including:


NB members of the coalition:

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