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Federal Budget 2019 Announces a National School Food Program!!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

On Tuesday March 19th, 2019, the federal government's budget announced its intention to work with provinces and territories towards the creation of a National School Food Program. The Coalition for Healthy School Food is thrilled about this development and would like to thank and congratulate the government as well as everyone who has been a part of advocating for federal support for the health of our children and youth in this way!

This announcement comes without a budget allocation. Debbie Field, Coordinator of the Coalition, shares that although we are celebrating we were looking for a financial contribution because school food programs have been found internationally to be an effective health promotion strategy. We are looking forward to future conversations in helping to shape this program as it moves ahead.

The announcement has been receiving strong media coverage and online discussion. This blog post will be sharing links to how this story is unfolding:

Budget 2019: Canada gets a national food policy (Kelsey Johnson, iPolitics, March 19, 2019)

Federal budget pledges a Canadian school food program but recipe requires funding (Amberley Ruetz and Sara Kirk, The Conversation, March 21, 2019)

Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Coordinator Debbie Field and MP Julie Dabrusin celebrate the budget announcement

Visit the Coalition for Healthy School Food's Twitter page for sharings of support.

Blog posts sharing the news:



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