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We thank the many of you who took part in the 2024 Great Big Crunch throughout March and April.

On March 7th, we had over 23,835 participants, including many students and teachers who joined politicians and supporters from across Canada for the virtual #GreatBigCrunch where we bit into an apple, a banana or other fruit or vegetable alongside Federal Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Jenna Sudds in support of healthy school food.


Throughout the entire campaign, more than 170,000 people in Canada took the Crunch, exceeding the 150,000 who participated last year by 20,000.

 If you’d like to watch the recording of the virtual Great Big Crunch with Minister Sudds, check it out here.


Continue to Crunch or much all year long using our 2024 toolkit

Tell us why healthy school food matters to you!

Check out the 2024 gREAT bIG CRUNCH IMAGES AND VIDEOS on twitteR.

Credit: Rachel Cheng

Prepare your crunch

When planning your Crunch, choose locally grown fruits or vegetables when possible.

Our Activity toolkit provides fun, curriculum-linked lesson plans and activities to bring the Crunch to life for children of all ages at home or safely in the classroom. 


Let us know how you'll crunch

Help us keep track of all the crunches taking place this year.

We want to count your crunches towards the grand total, no matter when you do it or what you crunch.​

Invite your classroom or your whole school! You can ask colleagues, or friends and family to join your crunch! If an in person crunch is not possible, plan an online video call.

St Angela Elementary School GBC 2.jpg

The Great Big Munch

and other activities

Get ready for a taste adventure with the brand new activity in our Activity toolkit,

the Great Big Munch!


We're celebrating cultures and countries where apples don't quite cut it, shining a spotlight on the amazing versatility of bananas.


By diving into this tasty journey, you're not just munching – you're championing cultural exchange through the global magic of bananas.


Join us for a flavor-packed escapade that's all about embracing the incredible diversity of our world!


Share your crunch

Take a photo of your Crunch and share on social media, which helps us make even more noise for healthy school food.


Here’s a message you can copy and paste:

We took the #GreatBigCrunch to celebrate #HealthySchoolFood! 


Tag us on

Facebook: @CHSF.CSAS



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Great Big Crunch 2024

We are thrilled that the Honourable Jenna Sudds, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development of Canada, was able to attend the 2024 Virtual Big Crunch.


Do you have any feedback for the event or ideas for the next one?


Share them with us using this evaluation form.

The Great Big Crunch 2024

Highlights from the 2024 
Great big Crunch

All over Canada, many of you showed your support by participating in the Great Big Crunch.

Take a look below at some of the videos of all the participating schools and organizations!

Videos 2023

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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Brant Food for Thought

Brant Food for Thought

Play Video
West Hants Middle School

West Hants Middle School

Play Video
Gaspereau Valley Elementary School

Gaspereau Valley Elementary School

Play Video
Ste Evans Catholic Elementary School

Ste Evans Catholic Elementary School

Play Video

Great Big



How many crunches?

Terry Fox PS Peel - Great Big Crunch 2024 (Photo 2_credit_Leanne_Rathbone).jpg

A word from Ontario's Minister of Children, Community and Social Services

For the first time ever, Ontario's Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, Michael Parsa,

took part in this year's Great Big Crunch on behalf of Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, and the entire Ontario Government.​

Listen to what he had to say!

A word from the BC Ministers

This is incredible! 

This year, several politicians showed their support for the Great Big Crunch including BC's Minister of Education and Child Care, Rachna Singh, and BC's Minister of Agriculture and Food, Pam Alexis!

Listen to what they have to say!

Highlights from Politicians
across Canada

Across Canada, several MPs showed their support for the Great Big Crunch! Here is the list of MP's who showed their support: 

Hon. Randy Boissonnault - Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance

Hon. Tim Houston - Premier of Nova Scotia

Hon. Shaun Chen

Hon. Stephanie Kusie

Hon. Marilyn Gladu

Mayor Shelley Ann Bentley

Perth-Wellington MP John Nater