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Submission to inform Ontario Budget 2024

The Ontario Chapter of the Coalition for Healthy School Food has submitted its recommendations to inform the 2024 Ontario budget.

The Chapter is urging the Government of Ontario to:

  1. Double the annual provincial investment in the Ontario Student Nutrition Program from $28.1 million to $56.2 million to build on existing programs and augment the quantity and quality of nutritious food served to over 761,000 students in the province each day.

  2. Invest $20 million over 3 years ($6.7M per year) in student nutrition program infrastructure to support equipment needed to serve students nutritious food at school.

  3. Allocate a proportional core funding and infrastructure allotment to the First Nation Student Nutrition Program to advance Indigenous-led school food initiatives.

Providing an increased investment in student nutrition programs will ensure more students are set up for success, and will create opportunities for short- and long-term economic returns.

You can read the Chapter’s full submission here.

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