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National School Food Program presented in the House of Commons

It has been an exciting week for the school food movement in Canada!

The Coalition for Healthy School Food‘s Petition, which calls upon the Minister of Health to implement an adequately-funded national cost-shared universal healthy school food program, was presented in the House of Commons by MP Julie Dabrusin on Monday, May 6.  Watch the video here.

Then on Tuesday, May 7, MP Don Davies introduced a private member’s bill, Bill C-446, ‘An Act to develop a national school food program for children’! Read more about Davies’s bill here on the, and check out his video with Carolyn Webb on Twitter.

“We know that children eating well at school is something that all political parties support and we hope that all MPs will be supporting MP Julie Dabrusin’s petition and MP Don Davies Private Member’s Bill.” said Debbie Field, Coordinator of the 58+ members of the Coalition for Healthy School Food. “A universal cost-shared national school food program is important to the health, well-being and education of all Canadian children and youth and we are so pleased to see this important issue being discussed in the House of Commons.”

Carolyn Webb, coordinator of our Ontario Edible Education Network, was in the House of Commons both days representing the Coalition for Healthy School Food.

A big thank you to both MP’s for their leadership on these important issues and for working alongside the Coalition for Healthy School Food!

If you too believe that all students in Canada should have access to healthy food at school, help us turn up the noise for a national school food program in Canada and join the #NourishKidsNow campaign.

With thanks to Sustain Ontario for this article which originally appeared


For more information please contact:

Debbie Field, Coordinator Coalition for Healthy School Food

(416) 537-6856



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