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#Great big crunch


Crunch for healthy school food with us

Anytime this march

Credit: Rachel Cheng

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Let us know you'll crunch!

Help us to keep track of all the crunches taking place this year.

Invite your classroom or your whole school! You can ask colleagues, or friends and family to join your crunch! If an in person crunch is not possible, plan an online video call.


Prepare the crunch

Crunch anytime this March

When planning your Crunch, choose locally grown fruits or vegetables. To make sure you are planning the day safely, you can use our COVID procedures guide.



Our toolkit provides fun, curriculum-linked lesson plans and activities to bring the Crunch to life for children of all ages at home or safely in the classroom. View FoodShare’s past toolkits. Also, check out chef/author Joshna Maharaj's Apple Fractions activity video, which you can use for your class.

CRUNCH AT HOME or organize a fun video call with your colleagues and crunch together.

THANK YOU for those who participated in our virtual Great Big Crunch 2021 on March 11. Stay tuned for updates on the next Great Big Crunch!


2021 GBC - Branding.jpg


Share on social media!

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Take a photo of your crunch and share on social media with the message below! Sharing on social media helps us make even more noise for healthy school food.

You can use this message to share with your Great Big Crunch photo:

We took the #GreatBigCrunch to celebrate #HealthySchoolFood and call for a National School Food Program with the @Coalition for Healthy School Food! Join us and crunch loud!

Tag us on Facebook: @CHSF.CSAS, on Twitter: @C4HSchoolFood or Instagram: @thegreatbigcrunch

THE GREAT BIG CRUNCH is a national movement and annual moment of anti-silence in which students, teachers, parents and others passionate about food join the food movement and crunch into apples (or other crunchy fruit or vegetable) to make noise for healthy school food! Every year since 2008, Canadians from coast to coast have participated in the Great Big Crunch, an original initiative of FoodShare Toronto.

Crunches since 2008

Will you Crunch?

The great big crunch
in 2020
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Did you know?

In 2021, the City of Vancouver even proclaimed March 11 as the Great Big Crunch for Healthy School Food Day!

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