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Over 300,000 Canadians crunched for a national school food program

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Originally posted on Food Secure Canada's website.

This year’s Great Big Crunch saw more than 300,000 children, schools, politicians, organizations and citizens from across the country (344 registered schools and organizations, and 303,820 participants!) crunching into apples and other crunchy produce to make noise for a national healthy school food program.

The Great Big Crunch on Parliament Hill

In Ottawa, the FSC, Coalition for Healthy School Food and FoodShare teams partnered with USC Canada, the Canadian Organic Trade Association, Growing Up Organic and Cultivating Cooks, along with MP Jean-Claude Poissant, to run a festive event on the Hill. Over 50 children from Rockliffe Park Public School came to participate in activities on healthy food, while MPs dropped in to show their support.

Thank you to the 40 MPs and 4 Senators who came to crunch with us!

FoodShare at the MLSE Launchpad, Toronto, Ontario

Colborne School, Colborne, Ontario

Counting the crunches!

The Great Big Crunch Makes Waves in Quebec

In collaboration with Coalition Poids, provincial MPs in Quebec were invited to do a virtual crunch : 8 Members of Quebec's National Assembly and 11,391 school participants!

FSC representatives at the Great Big Crunch on Parliament Hill, from left to right: Gabrielle Spenard-Bernier, Rachel Cheng, Sasha McNicoll and Diana Bronson



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