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Crunch for a Healthy, Universal School Food Program for Canada

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Since 2008, over one million people across Canada have taken part in the FoodShare Great Big Crunch, a FoodShare Toronto initiative, by simultaneously crunching into apples (or any other crunchy fruit/ vegetable) to make noise for healthy school food.

With growing momentum for a National School Food Program and the #NourishKidsNow campaign, this year’s Great Big Crunch is one you won’t want to miss! On Thursday, March 12, at 2:30 p.m. EST, join hundreds of thousands across the country in crunching for a healthy, universal school food program.

Participating is simple, and we’ve developed this Great Big Crunch 2020 - Coalition for Healthy School Food Toolkit to support you in organizing Great Big Crunches that send the message that it is time for a Healthy, Universal School Food Program for Canada: you can organize a crunch at your school, in your office, or even with a friend at home. Then before March 12th, register your crunch with FoodShare to ensure you’re part of the growing movement.

We’re at a pivotal moment for seeing a National School Food Program come to life in Canada; it was named in the Food Policy for Canada and has garnered interest from MPs across political parties — so our goal is to keep this momentum alive.

To make sure your crunch echoes far and wide, use the hashtags #GreatBigCrunch and #NourishKidsNow on social media, and tag your elected officials to show them that the call for healthy school food has widespread support.

Also consider for your own region: this year, as was also done in 2018 and 2019, the City of Vancouver is celebrating the Great Big Crunch by proclaiming March 12th as “The Great Big Crunch for Healthy School Food Day”, noting in the proclamation that school food programs are one tool for addressing childhood hunger at school, as well as increasing “scholastic success across socioeconomic classes and increase children’s consumption of vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods, and decrease the consumption of unhealthy ones.” Read the full proclamation here.

Canada is the only G7 country without a National School Food Program. To learn why this matters so much, and how impactful school food programs can be, check out the research: Our website has plenty of other relevant resources too, including this infographic on what a successful National School Food Program would look like.

Now let’s make some collective noise and register for 2020’s #GreatBigCrunch!

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