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Congratulations on the new Canada Food Guide; next step, a national school food program!

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

By Debbie Field, Coordinator of the Coalition

It was great to hear Minister of Health Ginette Petitpas Taylor launch Canada’s new Food Guide at the vibrant all year round farmer-market, Marché Jean-Talon, in Montreal this morning.

Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor and Debbie Field, Canadian Food Guide Launch, Montreal (Credit: Minister of Health)

Congratulations to the Minister and the Federal Government on the new Food Guide. The next step now is for the government to implement a national school food program so that all children access at least one healthy meal a day at school and learn the food literacy skills they need to make healthy home cooked food a part of their life.

I could not help but think how great it would be if all Canadian children and youth were able to access the same kind of meal profiled in the guide each day at school – a half plate of vegetables and fruits, a quarter plate of protein of our choice and a quarter plate of wholegrains, with a glass of water.

The new food guide is an accessible guide that promotes cooking, enjoying food and eating meals with others, all principles that we in the Coalition for School Food promote. With its emphasis on food skills and creating healthier food environments, this is a key moment to establish a national cost-shared school food program. The Food Guide lays the basis for a healthier next generation.

But without an investment from the federal government in healthy school food, it will not have its intended impact. The federal government needs to step in with funding to support a national cost-shared school food program and make healthy eating an everyday reality for all children.




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