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Coalition Invited to Speak to the Standing Committee on Health re: Canada's Food Guide

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The Coalition for Healthy School Food was invited to be a witness to speak to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health on June 7, 2018 to inform the Committee's work on the Canada Food Guide. While the meeting was unfortunately cancelled because of a series of votes in the House of Commons, the Coalition was able to submit its speech as a Brief to the Committee, highlighting the significant opportunity that exists for a national universal school food program to bring Canada's Food Guide to life for children and youth.

Here is an excerpt from our presentation: "The Coalition for Healthy School Food believes that there is a huge opportunity for schools to be a setting for the Food Guide to be modeled in practice and brought to life, as well as for the new Food Guide to be a driver in profoundly shifting school food cultures for generations to come." The Coalition's full Brief can be accessed in English and in French.

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