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Coalition for Healthy School Food members have often been told by MPs that Budget 2019 included a commitment to school food because coalition members across Canada let the Finance Committee know we wanted action. Read more here about our 2018 deputations.

Summary of Coalition’s Pre-Budget 2022 Submission:


The Coalition for Healthy School Food recommends that the Government of Canada:

  1. Allocate $1 billion over five years in Budget 2022 and collaborate with provinces and territories to provide them with an initial $200 million as soon as possible to fund their existing school food programs.

  2. Invest an additional $200 million from pre-allocated infrastructure funding in a separate School Food Fund grants program that would provide infrastructure and capacity building funding to schools or community organizations that provide programs in schools. 

  3. Enter into discussions with Indigenous Nations and leaders to negotiate separate agreements for long-term and sustainable funding for Indigenous school food programs.

Read the Coalition’s submission to the Federal Health HESA Committee

This year, the Federal government’s influential Standing Committee on Health is focused on the very important issue of children’s health. Organizations can prepare submissions of up to 2000 words on any issue connected to children’s health. You can read the Coalition’s submission here.

Over the next year the committee will be discussing a variety of issues relating to children’s health and calling expert witnesses. At the committee’s June meeting several MP’s asked questions about a National School Food Program and Dr. Alfred Aziz, Director General of the Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion - Health Canada answered. You can hear that committee meeting here, where he answered that the health portfolio would work closely with Ministers of AAGC and ESDC to work towards a national school nutritious meal program.


Several Coalition members have asked their local MP to invite a member of their organization to speak to the Committee. Here is a list of the Committee Members. If your MP is on the Committee we encourage you to reach out to them, share the Coalition's Submission and ask if you can be invited to speak to the Committee. You can connect with the Coalition’s Coordinator Debbie Field, for more information.


Besides summarizing the many benefits to children’s health that come from a well designed school food program, the main ask of our submission echoes our recommendations to the federal government:


We recommend that you allocate $1 billion over five years in budget 2023 towards a national school nutritious meal program and collaborate with provinces, territories, and Indigenous partners to provide them with an initial $200 million as soon as possible to fund their existing school food programs. This initial funding would be provided directly to First Nation, Inuit and Métis partners to fund programs in their communities, and to provinces and territories to continue to deliver programs that serve food based on Canada’s 2019 Food Guide, provide universal access to students, do not market to kids, and gather standardized program data.


We elaborate that in order to fully support the physical and mental health of children in Canada a national school nutritious meal program should:

  • Serve food based on Canada’s 2019 Food Guide. 

  • Provide universal access to students. 

  • Reflect the cultures and traditions of students. 

  • Not market to kids. 

  • Enable connections between students and members of the broader community and create opportunities for students to eat together and to connect with caring adults. 

  • Include opportunities for students to plan, purchase, grow, harvest and prepare food.

  • Be informed by the needs and perspectives of children and their families.


See the Coalition’s infogram summary of our recommendations here.

#NourishKidsNow: 2023 BC Budget Consultation

It’s Time to Invest in Healthy School Food!

The 2023 BC Budget consultation is now open, until Friday, June 24.  You can participate in the 2023 BC Budget Consultation or share your #SchoolFoodStory, to ask the BC Government to build on their commitments and fund school food programs in 2023.

See 4 ways that you can participate here:

Fill out the online budget survey, and in one or more of your answers, include a recommendation to fund healthy, universal school food programs.

5-10 minutes

Participate in our Letter to the Editor campaign. Tell your local newspaper what an investment in school food in Budget 2023 would mean to you.

Flexible timing

Send in written comments using the online submission form. Review the BC Chapter's 2023 Budget Recommendations to inspire a submission on behalf of your own organization. Include at least one recommendation to invest in universal, healthy school food programs for K-12 students in BC. You can refer to the Coalition's guiding principles to indicate the type of food program you would like to see, and you can talk about specific principles or recommendations that are important to you and your organization.

30-60 minutes

Share with your network. Tell others to participate in Budget 2023!

Sample Tweet: I've just sent an email to my local newspaper to share my #SchoolFoodStory and why I think it’s important to invest in school food in BC Budget 2023. Check out @C4HSchoolFood's #NourishKidsNow campaign and learn how you can participate 👇

5-10 minutes

Want to support the national movement

from within BC?

You have the power to create change, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

#NOURISH KIDS NOW is a grassroots campaign that is calling on the federal government to make a cost-shared investment in healthy, universal school food programs.

You have the power to create change, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

get involved

From becoming a member to receiving our email updates, you can get involved in many ways.

Reach out to your MP and ask for dedicated funds for school food to #NourishKidsNow.

Shout, share,


Shout out what excites you about your school food program.

get involved

*We respect your privacy. Your information will not be shared and you will only be contacted with

Coalition for Healthy School Food updates. 

Reach out to your federal mp


Reach out to your

federal MP by sending them a letter to ask for a dedicated School Food Fund to #NourishKidsNow!


See what's happening in your province or territory


Send a #NourishKidsNow postcard to your federal MP. Download, print and send it, for MPs it's free of postage!

shout, share, tweet


Let’s go viral. Tell your friends, family and community that school food matters to you - use #NourishKidsNow on social media


Write a blog and shout out what excites you about your school food program


Share the research and articles that build the case for school food

With thanks to Nourish Nova Scotia’s #SpeakUp4School Food for the inspiration of 1, 2, 3 and their postcard campaign

* Photo: Natoaganeg School has seen some great impacts on the students healthy food literacy and social cohesion with their universal school nutrition program supported by Coalition member Canadian Feed the Children.
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