Participate in Canada's public consultation

Now is a great time to participate in the public consultation to advance a School Food Program for Canada before the deadline on May 6


Ensure that school food is prominent in A Food Policy for Canada

Canada is holding a public consultation to provide feedback on Canada’s submission to the UN Food Systems Summit. The feedback collected will be used by the Government of Canada until May 6 to inform next steps towards a more sustainable, equitable and healthier food system in Canada. 


This consultation is a golden opportunity for us to advance a universal, healthy School Food Program for Canada as a well-designed program is the pathway to achieving many of the goals outlined in this consultation. This will help us make sure that the government acts on its commitments to school food and that the funds are included in Budget 2023 for a School Food Program for Canada.

We’re asking all of our members and endorsers to fill out the feedback survey and have developed content that you can use as a template. The most relevant and important part of this consultation for school food is section 6: Pathways Toward Progress: Improving Human and Animal Health (click here to view that section). The full survey should take less than half an hour to fill in, but if you don’t have much time, feel free to skip the other parts on the consultation page and go directly to the sixth section to fill that part up using our sample answer as a guide.

Of course, we know that many organizations have other recommendations for other sections-- Eliminating Hunger and Reducing Food Insecurity or Promoting Sustainable Production, or the other sections, and you may prefer to fill out any or all sections without mentioning school food.


Participate in the consultation process to develop Canada’s submission to the UN Food Systems Summit using this link


If you only have five minutes, please skip to theme 6 (Improving Human and Animal Health) and fill out the discussion questions using our this template


If you have half an hour, you can use our template here to fill out as many themes as you would like.


If you have an hour (or more) you can use our template and modify the second question in each theme to share information about your own school food program or organization


Spread the word: Share the public consultation on your personal or organizational social media accounts

Do you need help with the consultation form? Please let us, either Gustave ( or I (, know if we can support you in filling out the consultation form.

#NOURISH KIDS NOW is a grassroots campaign that is calling on the federal government to make a cost-shared investment in healthy, universal school food programs, which would build on the investments of our provinces, municipalities and communities.