We - the Coalition for Healthy School Food - are made up of more than 130 member organizations from the non-profit sector in every province and territory. We are thousands of passionate advocates, including community-based school food program practitioners, indigenous leaders, as well as staff and volunteers associated with national health, education and philanthropic organizations.

Member organizations have voting and decision-making privileges, receive regular updates on advocacy efforts, school food research and best practices and meet at least four times per year to inform the direction of the Coalition. Membership is free.


Non-profit organizations and government bodies can also become endorsers by supporting our call for the development of a universal cost-shared School Food Program for Canada without becoming a member of the Coalition. Endorsers also receive informational updates.

Individual supporters can stay informed by signing up for updates.

Réseau des cafétérias communautaires

The Réseau des cafétérias communautaires is a social enterprise that aims to provide nutritious and healthy meals in schools, encourage the purchase of local products, develop an entrepreneurial culture in communities and schools, contribute to the economic development of New Brunswick communities and foster partnerships with various community stakeholders.

Resto Plateau

A contributor to the social economy, Resto Plateau is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote autonomy, inclusion and access to resources to meet basic needs such as food security in the Montreal community and surrounding areas.

Richmond Food Security Society

Engaging a resilient Richmond food system through education, advocacy and community building initiatives.

Roots to Harvest

Roots to Harvest uses food as a tool to connect people to one another and build belonging and dignity through meaningful programs, outreach and advocacy.

Safe Food Matters Inc.

Safe Food Matters Inc. is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and protecting the environment through educating and fostering public understanding and engagement on the safety of food production technologies.

Sandbox Project

The Sandbox Project is a national, registered charity working to improve the health and wellbeing of Canadian children and youth by providing strategic leadership, driving innovation, and facilitating collaboration among like-minded organizations.

School Lunch Association

The School Lunch Association's mission is to offer a hot, nutritious lunch to school children, regardless of a families' financial situation. The School Lunch Association (SLA) has been operating in Newfoundland and Labrador since 1989 and is incorporated and a registered charity. Today, more than 13,000 students have access to the School Lunch program each day.

Seeds of Change

The vision of Seeds of Change in Surrey, BC, is food security for all residents of Surrey through a sustainable and resilient food system. Seeds of Change has four main focus areas (income, food literacy, access and distribution) to create change in the food system.

Senden Agricultural Resource Centre

We actively bring together service providers, gatherers, agriculture producers, traditional knowledge holders, elders, and youth and their families to connect with the common goal of being active and resilient community members.

Share the Warmth

Inspired by a vision of a vibrant community where all members reach their full potential and achieve their dreams, Share the Warmth�s priorities are: the overall development and success of children and youth, food security for all, with special attention to school-aged children and employment and job readiness training.

Show Kids You Care

Show Kids You Care leads a national network of meal programs for kids living in poverty and other difficult situations in Canada.

Shuswap Food Action Society

Shuswap Food Action Society seeks to empower citizens of the Shuswap, through education, advocacy and action, to create a community where everyone has access to healthy food in a successful, local economy.

Squamish CAN

Squamish CAN strives to educate, support, and empower the community of Squamish by developing, promoting, and implementing sustainable strategies to mitigate climate change. This includes food systems work to ensure that all members of Squamish have access to enough nutritious, safe, ecologically sustainable and culturally appropriate food at all times.�The Squamish Food Policy Council and Mamquam Edible Schoolyard are two of the organization's food projects.

Street Culture

Since 1997, Street Culture has provided emergency and long-term housing for street involved youth in Regina Saskatchewan. Street Culture also offers inner city after school programming and mentoring support toward educational and employment goals, cultural and recreational, sports and team development programming. Street employs 100 staff and works to fill gaps in service through cooperative partnerships.

Sudbury Better Beginnings Better Futures

Sudbury Better Beginnings Better Futures is a prevention program for high-risk communities. The agency's holistic model provides child-centered activities and community development in the Flour Mill / Donovan neighborhood. The agency does outreach to families through an array of programs and services including Student Nutrition Sudbury-Manitoulin.


summerlunch+ works to close the achievement gap with nutritious lunches and engaging programming for kids over the summer months.

Sustain Ontario

Sustain Ontario is a province-wide, cross-sectoral alliance that promotes healthy food and farming.

Table de Quartier Sud de l'Ouest-de-l'�le

The Table de Quartier Sud de l'Ouest-de-l'Île is a non-profit community organization that unites citizens, community organizations, institutions, elected officials and more to advance social development. One of our 5 priorities is food security in the West Island of Montreal. The project they are currently working on is to improve access to fresh fruits and vegetables for the residents of the southern West Island.

Tastebuds Hamilton

Tastebuds Hamilton provides an inclusive program engages students in enjoying healthy meals and snacks in a welcoming school setting.

The Local Community Food Centre

The Local Community Food Centre in Stratford, Ontario, empowers those with barriers to accessing and benefiting from good healthy food by offering opportunities to cook, grow, share, and advocate for good food for everyone in our community.

The Table Community Food Center

The Table Community Food Center works within the community to improve access to healthy food, improve food skills and food literacy, advocate for individual well-being, and educate, engage and advocate on social policies to address food insecurity and poverty.

Thunder Bay + Area Food Strategy

Thunder Bay + Area Food Strategy is committed to creating a healthy, equitable, and sustainable food system that contributes to the economic, ecological, and social well-being and health of the City of Thunder Bay and area.

Tofino Community Food Initiative

Through gardening workshops, community gardens, community projects and more, the Tofino Community Food Initiative seeks to collaborate with key community groups to foster greater food security within the Clayoquot Sound.

Toujours ensemble

Always Together offers a structured and safe environment that supports young people, while providing them with a unique opportunity to bond and develop a sense of belonging.

Traiteur Bis

Traiteur Bis is a non-profit social and professional integration enterprise that reproduces all the conditions of private enterprises and allows young people from 16 to 25 years of age to have a significant work experience in an environment and context that meets the requirements and expectations of the job market.


UNICEF Canada is a non-profit humanitarian organization focusing on saving children's lives around the globe.

Unique Get Together Society

The Unique Get Together society is a registered charity dedicated to promoting the well-being of young people with challenges. Its mission is to strengthen each individual child through the provision of services and support to children who face a range of physical, mental, emotional and behavioural challenges.

Vancouver Food Policy Council

The Vancouver Food Policy Council is an official civic agency that works to help improve food sustainability in Vancouver by providing advice to Vancouver City Council.

Williams Lake Food Policy Council

The Williams Lake Food Policy Council works with community partners to develop food security policies and action plans towards an equitable, sustainable food system for all.

Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition

The Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition facilitates the elimination of poverty through awareness, education, advocacy, community building and action. One of our initiatives is to facilitate Food Network Yukon, a group of government, NGO's, other businesses and community members all of who provide input and discussion regarding food security issues in the Yukon.

Yukon Food for Learning Association

(YFFLA) is a non-profit organization whose vision is a Yukon where every student has access to nutritious healthy food while at school. Almost all schools in the Yukon receive funding from YFFLA that allows them to offer nutritious food programs to their students.

Growing Chefs!

Too many kids lack access to fresh, healthy food. Growing Chefs! is on a mission to change that. Working with chef and community volunteers, they provide kids with hands-on experience with the whole food cycle--from seed to plate to compost. Growing Chefs! empowers them to see how food choices affects their health, their community, and the environment. Growing Chefs! is where kids connections� to food takes root.

Growing Chefs! Ontario

Growing Chefs! Ontario is a registered charity based in London, Ontario. The organisation unites Chefs, growers, educators and community members in children's food education projects. Growing Chefs! aims to change the way children, youth, families and the greater community learn about food. They facilitate children's food education programming that reaches nearly 10,000 children, youth and families annually through local schools and community agencies, and run a healthy hot lunch program that serves up to 350 meals per day to 6 local pre-schools.

Heart and Stroke Foundation

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. Our work has saved thousands of lives and improved the lives of millions of others.

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami is the national voice protecting and advancing the rights and interests of Inuit in Canada.

Kalum Community School Society

Kalum Community School Society - Terrace BC's vision is co-operative, caring, inclusive and healthy neighborhood communities where children and families have the capacity to achieve their full potential. It is our mission to work with community partners within schools to enable success and belonging for all people.

Kamloops Food Policy Council

The Kamloops Food Policy Council is Canada's first independent food policy council in Canada, founded in 1995. Its vision is a regenerative, sovereign and just food system. The Kamloops Food Policy Council fosters partnerships, runs programs, and engages in policy advocacy and implementation.

Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador

The Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador is a registered charity that supports the education, health, and well-being of school age children in Newfoundland and Labrador through nutrition programs run by volunteers at schools and community centres.

La Corbeille Bordeaux-Cartierville

La Corbeille Bordeaux-Cartierville offers food assistance for disadvantaged people through its community grocery store Le magasin d'�milie, meals in the area's primary schools for children who are eligible for food aid, and programs aimed at strenghtening people's care, movement and independence.

La Maisonnette des parents

The mission of La Maisonnette des parents is to prevent or alleviate the distress and loneliness of families, to restore the parent's role as their child's primary educator, to strengthen trust, mutual aid, solidarity and care for families, and to encourage the participation of immigrant families.

La Tablée des Chefs

La Tablée des Chefs' mission has been to feed people in need and to
develop culinary education for youth. Through its culinary education
programs, La Tablée des Chefs offers various programs and workshops in
125 high schools and youth centres across Quebec and in 20 high schools
across Canada.

Le Garde-Manger Pour Tous

Le Garde-Manger Pour Tous's mission is to relieve hunger and promote people's independence. The GMPT produces and distributes 3,000 hot and balanced meals each day to children in Montreal, including 2,500 meals produced for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and 500 as a part of its catering service.

Le Pignon Bleu

Le Pignon Bleu is a community organization located in Quebec City whose mission is to: contribute to the food security of children and families in Quebec City, support the personal development of children in need, and contribute to the training and employment of people who are unemployed.

Le Sésame

Le Sésame's mission is to help ensure that all residents of the Mercier-Est area of Montreal are food secure. Le Sésame provides access to nutritious and culturally appropriate foods in a dignified way and provides information that supports personal development and self-care.

Les Ateliers cinq épices

Les Ateliers cinq épices offers a program of cooking-nutrition workshops during school hours, led by nutritionists, in Quebec elementary schools. The organization also trains practitioners who wish to facilitate the program's turnkey workshops (facilitation materials available), in Quebec and in francophone communities in Alberta.

Les Fourchettes de l'espoir

Our mission is to help increase the access to nutritious foods at a reasonable cost that is culturally acceptable for multi-ethnic and low income people.


LifeCycles cultivates community health by connecting people with the food they eat and the land it comes from. The organization supports the region to grow, access and eat local food in ways that foster diversity and enhance our urban environment.

Lillooet Agriculture and Food Society

LAFS is a non-profit society in Lillooet, BC working on the following goals: To enhance the agricultural viability of the region;To promote awareness, education, and research around local agriculture and food security; To advance sustainable agricultural practices; To assist in localizing all aspects of the food system.

Loving Spoonful

Loving Spoonful connects people to good food, we envision a healthier, more connected community for Kingston and the Area.

LUSH Valley Food Action Society

At LUSH Valley Food Action Society we envision a region where healthy local food is at the heart of community well-being. We work to support the Comox Valley community in gaining food-systems skills and knowledge to increase food security, self-sufficiency and local food production across the region.

MAZON Canada

MAZON Canada is a grassroots network that feeds Canadians in need by supporting food projects across the country on behalf of the Jewish community.

McConnell Foundation

The McConnell Foundation is a private Canadian foundation that develops and applies innovative approaches to social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges.

Meal Exchange

Meal Exchange is a registered charity that has inspired students across Canada to help build healthy, just and sustainable food systems, for over 25 years. Through initiatives like the Good Food For All campaign, we empower students to use food to build healthy, just, and environmentally sustainable communities across Canada.

Middlesex London Food Policy Council

The Middlesex London Food Policy Council envisions a robust and thriving local food system that sustains and nourishes all residents while being socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable. It is a forum for stakeholders and residents to discuss local food issues, empowering them to become involved in food system decisions.

Mon Resto Saint-Michel

Mon Resto Saint-Michel's mission is to support citizens in the fight against poverty, by focusing on their potential as key actors of change. The organization mobilizes the strengths of the community for better social, economic and cultural development. Through its concerted, integrated and multisectoral actions, Mon Resto Saint-Michel contributes to improving the quality of life of the people of Saint-Michel neighbourhood.

Muskoka North Good Food Co-operative

Muskoka North Good Food Co-operative is a not for profit, co-operative food market, production kitchen, community cannery and food education centre located in Huntsville, Ontario. It is owned and run by its member-owners and is inclusive in nature, so welcomes all people to use its services and join a growing community of food activists.

National Farmers Union

The National Farmers Union is Canada's national farm organization committed to family and collective farms. Promoting agroecology and food sovereignty for 50+ years, the NFU does not waver in our progressive vision for farmers, eaters, and the earth, embedded in social and economic justice in Canada and internationally.

Natoaganeg Community Food Centre

The Natoaganeg Community Food Centre works to create safe, comfortable spaces for the community of Eel Ground First Nation to access, learn about and share healthy culturally relative food. They run programs such as school breakfast and lunch, good food banks, drop-in meals, healthy food skills workshops and community gardens.

Neighbour to Neighbour's Hamilton Community Food Centre

Neighbour to Neighbour's Hamilton Community Food Centre is a place where community members can come together to learn skills, grow, cook, share and advocate for good food. The organization offers programs that focus on low-income communities and seniors, children, youth & adults.

Nishnawbe Aski Nation

Nishnawbe Aski Nation represents the legitimate, socioeconomic, and political aspirations of its First Nation members of Northern Ontario to all levels of government in order to allow local self-determination while establishing spiritual, cultural, social, and economic independence.

Northumberland Food For Thought (NFFT)

Northumberland Food For Thought (NFFT) works to ensure all children in Northumberland County attend school well nourished and ready to learn. NFFT aims to provide safe environments, free of judgment, in which children and youth can develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. Their programs take a universal approach, and serve all children in the county regardless of socioeconomic status.

Northwest BC Food Action Network

The Northwest BC Food Action Network delivers an annual event to inspire and celebrate action on food security. The network also partners with local organizations to deliver food action on the ground related to food harvesting and food preservation.

NorWest Co-op Community Food Centre

NorWest Co-op Community Food Centre, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a welcoming space for community to grow cook share and advocate for good food.

Nourish Nova Scotia

Nourish Nova Scotia is a province-wide, non-profit organization that supports nourishment and food literacy programs in school communities. Our goal is to support the nutritional well-being of children and youth and to build their food knowledge and skills so they can feed themselves well into a healthier future.

Nourishing Minds NB

Nourishing Minds NB is a registered charity that aims to create a healthy food culture in all public schools in NB, by supporting the provision of community based, universal school food programs, food literacy education, and local food procurement.

Nutrition Blocs

Nutrition Blocs' vision is to create a comprehensive school meal program for the Public Schools in the National Capital Region. It mission is to Produce, Package and Distribute healthy meals to schools, community centres and other organisations, so as to make them affordable, if not free, for recipients and through this improve health, food literacy and food security for all.


ONEXONE improves the lives of children in Canada, the USA and around the world with programs dedicated to five fundamental pillars: water, health, education, play and nutrition. The ONEXONE First Nations School Breakfast Program was developed with the goal of ensuring the availability of healthy food to all First Nations children in the school setting.

Ontario Dietitians in Public Health

Ontario Dietitians in Public Health (ODPH) is the independent and official voice of Registered Dietitians working in public health in Ontario.

Ontario Home Economics Association

The Ontario Home Economics Association (OHEA) is a self-regulated body of Professional Home Economists, which promotes high professional standards among its members so that they can assist families and individuals to achieve and maintain a desirable quality of life.

Ontario Public Health Association

The Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that brings together a broad spectrum of groups and individuals concerned about people�s health. Nutrition Connections, a key program of the OPHA, is a centre for nutrition knowledge and collaboration that helps health professionals, community organizations, educators, researchers, and others working in food and nutrition to build capacity, connect and share information.

Ontario Student Nutrition Program Grey Bruce

Ontario Student Nutrition Program Grey Bruce is part of the OSNP Southwest region of student nutrition programs. It supports a student nutrition program in all publicly funded schools in Grey Bruce, supporting over 15,000 students per day with healthy food choices at school.

Ontario Student Nutrition Program, Southwest Region (OSNP-SW)

OSNP-SW is a program of VON that flows provincial funding and support to 480+ programs across the region. Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) and is one of fourteen Lead Agencies that comprise Student Nutrition Ontario (SNO) a provincial network of agencies supporting school-based healthy snack and meal programs across Ontario.

PEI Home and School Federation

The PEI Home and School Federation brings together parents, guardians, teachers, administrators and staff to promote the total well-being of children and the highest standards of education for each child in the province.


Petites-mains is a social integration enterprise that supports people who are in situations of social exclusion, primarily immigrant women. The organization helps these women escape isolation and connect with others, while learning a trade that will help them integrate into the labour market and continue to live with dignity.

Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada)

Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) champions healthy, active kids by promoting and advancing quality health and physical education opportunities and healthy learning environments. Supporting community champions with quality programs, professional development services, and community activation initiatives, PHE Canada inspires all to live healthy, physically active lives.

Pilot Project for Universal Lunches in Schools Inc

Pilot Project for Universal Lunches in Schools Inc. was born to address a need for in-school food practices in the Saskatchewan.

Project CHEF

Project CHEF: Cook Healthy Edible Food is curriculum-based school program that teaches children and families about healthy cooking and eating. Students learn about the food cycle: where food comes from, what it tastes like, how to prepare it and how to enjoy sharing it around a table.

Public Health Association of BC

The Public Health Association of BC is a voluntary, non-profit, non-government, member driven organization that provides leadership to promote health, well-being and social equity�through advocacy, collaboration, education and research. PHABC�does this work though the spectrum of public health practice, including prevention, promotion, protection and policy.�

Qajuqturvik Food Centre

Qajuqturvik Food Centre is a registered charity that aims to improve food security and food sovereignty in Iqaluit and the territory of Nunavut as a whole.

Rainbow Plate

Rainbow Plate inspires lifelong happy, healthy eating. We work with educators, parents, caregivers and health professionals to bring joyful, sensory-based food education to children, wherever they learn, develop and grow.


REACH serves as an umbrella organization for a wide range of healthy food programs, including Child Nutrition Programs. Our programs are delivered through over 185 non-profits, government, businesses, First Nations and schools to ensure that all people of all ages in the community have access to safe, affordable, and nutritious food.

Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger is an international humanitarian organization that fights hunger and its root causes worldwide.

Alberta Food Matters

Alberta Food Matters works to foster leadership, relationships and actions that reconnect people, land and food in Alberta through community development, research and evidence-based approaches, policy development and skill building, educational projects, programs and workshops.

Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease (APCCP)

The Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease (APCCP) was established in 2009. We represent a broad range of practitioners, policy-makers, researchers, and community organizations who have come together to coordinate efforts, generate evidence, and advocate for policy change to reduce chronic disease.

Alliance Alimentaire Papineau

L'Alliance Alimentaire Papineau's mission is to prevent problems linked to food and nutrition and to support the development of the regional county municipality's food autonomy.

Association québécoise de la garde scolaire

The Association is working to have school-age child care recognized as one of the key players in a student's educational success. It supports the development of school-age childcare services in Quebec by promoting their complementary role to the school's mission, representing their collective interests and fostering the development of their staff's skills.

BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization that works with educators to bring local agriculture to BC's students, Together with farmers, teachers and agriculture specialists, we teach students about the story of our food and farms in British Columbia.

BC Alliance for Healthy Living Society (BCAHL)

The BC Alliance for Healthy Living Society (BCAHL) is a group of organizations that came together with a mission to improve the health of British Columbians. Through leadership and collaborative action, BCAHL advances health promoting policies, programs and environments that support the physical and mental well-being of British Columbians.

BC Food Systems Network

The BC Food Systems Network works to create healthy, just and sustainable food systems in British Columbia by strengthening connections, nurturing capacity, and supporting joined-up food policy at all levels.

Bow Valley Food Alliance

The Bow Valley Food Alliance is a network of local food-focused organizations and community members dedicated to addressing food security and food sovereignty.

C'est moi le chef!

C'est moi le chef! is a nonprofit organization which transmits the pleasure of cooking and eating well to Quebec families through cooking workshops in various leisure and educational facilities (Jean-Talon Market, libraries, community organizations, SCEs, primary schools, etc.)

Canadian Association for Food Studies

The Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS) promotes critical, interdisciplinary scholarship in the broad area of food systems: food policy, production, distribution and consumption. CAFS recognizes the need for coordinated interdisciplinary research efforts in response to societal needs for informing policy makers, assessing the outcomes of community-based work, and demonstrating the environmental and social impacts of changes affecting food systems and food policies.

Canadian Feed the Children

Canadian Feed the Children is a registered Canadian charity that envisions a world where children thrive free from poverty. They work with local partners to fund school breakfast, lunch and snack programs in First Nations communities to ensure that children receive healthy, nutritious meals during the school day.

Canadian Medical Association

The Canadian Medical Association unites over 85,000 members physicians on national health and medical matters.

Canadian Nutrition Society

The Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) is the leading Canadian society that integrates disciplines and professions interested in nutrition, including nutrition scientists, healthcare practitioners, government and policy makers, industry representatives and future leaders/trainees. CNS promotes and enhances excellence in nutrition science and practice, provides education and professional development, and advocates for the importance of nutrition research funding.

Canadian produce marketing Association

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, CPMA is a not-for-profit organization that represents a diverse membership made up of every segment of the produce industry supply chain who are responsible for 90% of the fresh fruit and vegetable sales in Canada. CPMA is fortunate to represent a sector that is both a significant economic driver for communities and that also improves the health and productivity of Canadians.

Cantine pour tous

La Cantine pour tous is a social economy project that aims to improve food security for primary school students and seniors by strenghtening the capacity of organizations that prepare and distribute meals to produce more.

Carrefour Alimentaire Centre-Sud

Through various activities in our affordable market, in the kitchen and in the garden, we work to improve access to healthy food for all and support the development of a local, ecological and supportive food system.

CDC Quinte

CDC Quinte operates food security programs which improve accessibility, affordability and availability of safe and nutritious food without social or economic barriers. We collaborate with community partners to identify and find solutions for urgent and emerging social issues which impact the quality of life and health of individuals in Hastings & Prince Edward Counties.

Centre for Health Science and Law

The Centre for Health Science and Law provides independent health advocacy on food and nutrition policy issues and publishes the Food for Life Report, featuring the best scientific research on food and nutrition to inform reader on how to best protect and enhance their health.

CHEP Good Food Inc

CHEP Good Food Inc. works with children, families and communities to improve access to good food and promote food security. We support children's nutrition programs in many Saskatoon community schools.

Chic Resto Pop

Chic Resto Pop is a social economy and integration enterprise, as well as a non-profit organisation. Its mission is to: fight exclusion, promote social, cultural and professional development, offer food services, and support the social development of the neighbourhood.

Chiefs of Ontario

Chiefs of Ontario is a political forum and secretariat for collective decision-making, action, and advocacy for the 133 First Nations communities located within the boundaries of the province of Ontario.

Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba

The Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba is a charitable organization dedicated to helping school children learn, grow, and succeed by supporting breakfast, snack and lunch programs.

Children First Canada

Children First Canada has a bold and ambitious vision that together we can make Canada the best place in the world for kids to grow up!

Conscious Eating Canada

Conscious Eating Canada works with foodservice professionals and chefs to help create healthier and more sustainable menus�at no cost to them.


CRFAIR is an independent not-for-profit organization that has been raising awareness about the Capital Region local food system for nearly two decades. CRFAIR acts as the region�s backbone organization for the Good Food Network over 100 organizations who work together on Good Food 2025, a collective impact initiative to increase food literacy, food security, and support the local food economy.